One of my favourite bands when I was a young teenager was Teardrop Explodes. Seeing these Liverpool sons perform Reward on Top of the Pops (how many bands were kids introduced to via this show) for the first time blew my proverbial (musical) mind. There next two singles were as equally good. And these two tracks are my tracks of the week this week – Treason and Passionate Friend. I couldn’t decide which track to play so I got self indulgent and played both. I nearly added Reward to the list but felt it might be a bit much. But the positive reaction of our listeners to the two tracks played made me think it may not have been.

Well, enough talking. Now the music…


Ronan’s Track of the Week (21 May 2018)

Track of the week for me could easily have made it to the previous week’s ‘Ska Special’ shortlist – the track is Dennis Brown’s version of ‘Man Next Door’, a song originally recorded by John Holt in the late sixties, and covered by others, including Massive Attack on the ‘Mezzanine’ album with the distinctive vocals of Horace Andy. The Massive Attack version has a particularly ominous feel to it, helped by the drum sample from Led Zeppelin’s ‘When the Levee Breaks’.  On the previous week’s show we played another Brown track, ‘Make It Easy on Yourself’, a song released in 1971 which demonstrates well how rocksteady was evolving into reggae. We also mentioned that Brown, like his greatest musical influence Delroy Wilson, began recording as a young teenager, and sadly suffered a similarly premature end to his career.



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Martin’s track of the week is an excellent fun cover of a Ramones track – We’re a Happy Family by Japanese rock legends Shonen Knife. Want to know why? Click here.

Ronan’s track of the week comes via Dennis Brown – the very dark ‘Man Next Door’ Click here to see why.

Our recommended UCC Library resource of the week is especially for those requiring images for their work Artstor. (You can access this via logging in through your UCC library portal) 

Our recommended read this week is the Spring issue of Multimedia Information and Technology and not just because there is an article on Shush! Sounds from UCC Library (pages 28-32) in it – the issue is an exciting special on how libraries are making innovative use of Sound & Vision and it is great to see so many exciting ideas being realised in libraries all over the UK and Ireland