This week, due to popular demand, as the phrase goes, we did another Ska /Reggae / Rocksteady show… The podcast of the show can be listened to here…

If all you want is the music, without the chatter, then you can listen to our playlist on Spotify. If doesn’t get you dancing we give up…

Martin’s track of the week is Papa’s got a Brand New Pigbag from Pigbag. Click here to find out why.

Ronan’s track of the week is. Click here to find out why.

Our recommended UCC Library resource of the week is our Music Subject Guide – created by one of Liaison Librarian team, Claire O’Brien.

And finally, our recommended read of the week ties in with one of our tracks today – Free Nelson Mandela. This article Top 20 Political Songs taken from the New Statesman makes for an excellent read – and the playlist of the songs makes for an equally excellent listen.


My track of this week was very easy to choose – one of my favourite tracks when I was a kid and one that still gets me moving every time that I hear it. Papa’s got a Brand new Pigbag a 1981 release, and hit, for Pigbag. This get up and dance instrumental reached number 3 in the UK charts in 1982. I don’t have much more to say – only I recommend you listen to it – and try not to dance… 

Ronan’s Track of the Week (30 April 2018)

My Track of the Week is the title track from the Flamin Groovies’ 1976 album ‘Shake Some Action’ – probably the most recognisable song from an interesting, but sometimes overlooked band.  From San Francisco originally, there were several line-up changes over the years which resulted in a continually evolving sound. Early influences included the Stones, but from the early seventies they transitioned to a style that could be described (lazily) as power-pop. The band became associated with punk and its development from the mid-seventies, and listening to this track it’s not hard to see why; it seems to perfectly meld sixties garage with the emerging punk sound of the time.