Our first show back on air after the month of August off. Nice to be back I must say.

And my track of the week is a relatively new track to me. A track I first heard last month on a German TV show on Netflix. The show was The Same Sky. I do recommend checking it out.

In one of the early episodes there was this snippet of what to me sounded like a punk / new wave track. But the show was set in 1974, a few years before punk, so I thought it was an anachronism and I was very curious as to what the track was.

Called on Shazam and was informed that that the track was called Die Letze Schlact gewinnen wer by the left leaning political German band Ton Steine Scherben And the track was taken from their 1972 album Keine Macht fur Niemand.

I Don’t like all the stuff, or even much of the stuff, on the album, or much on their other albums, but this track, for me, fits in with, and holds it own with, any of the classic punk and new wave tracks of the late seventies. Even if it was released four or five years before punk even existed. Now, stopping the chatter up and recommending you listen to …

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