As Ronan was away from the studio again this week I decided to do another themed show. I moved things up a decade and chose some of my favourite 90s music.

The resulting show can be listened back to here… click and listen and get transported back to the ’90s


The playlist can be listened to here… 


Our library spotlight this week looked at our Libguides and Subject Guides.  

We had one track of the week this week and that was from Martin – Ronan still being away. The track Martin chose was Jacket Hangs from Blue Aeroplanes. Click here to read why.

Our read of the week this week is an indulgent one. It’s a post that Martin wrote for Libfocus – the essential Irish Library Blog – looking at how Librarians and DJs are actually a lot alike. Here’s waiting on the follow up post… You can read it here 



Ronan was away again this week so I did another special show. This week I moved on a decade from the previous show and visited the nineties.  So yet again it was a difficult decision choosing my Track of the Week. Ten of the fifteen tracks were in strong contention for the ‘honour’. In the end I plumped for Jacket Hangs by Blue Aeroplanes.

A number of reasons, I think they are a seriously under rated and under appreciated band. Maybe, as a Bristol band, they were too early on the scene – a few years before Bristol ruled the roost.  But for whatever reason – they should have been massive. And it is safe to say that Jacket Hangs is there jewel in their crown. If only for the wonderful opening lines:

Pick a card, any card,


That opening salvo was my (late) introduction to Blue Aeroplanes in 1990. And what an introduction. The track was taken from their album Swagger and everything about the song was pure swagger – especially Gerard Langley’s nonchalant  ‘don’t give a ****’ vocals.

Listen, enjoy, then repeat…



Today’s show was another themed show. This time we looked at the 80s… and chose some of our faves… 


The show can be listened back to through our Soundcloud account. Just click and listen, and hopefully, enjoy


The full playlist can be found on Spotify.


Our library spotlight this week looked at how UCC staff and students can access other libraries. More information on this can be found through our accessing other libraries libguide. 

Ronan was away again this week so only one track of the week for you. This week Martin chose Container Love from Philip Boa and the Voodooclub. If you want to see why check out his short post on the track here

Our recommended read of the week – well there can only be one this week. The Fanning Sessions archive wrote up a short post about our Irish show of the 03.07.17. Dead proud we are. Check out what they had to say here