My track of the week this is the first track from the first album I ever bought. An album that was thirty seven years old less that two weeks ago. An album that sounds as fresh and raw now as it did when released on the 11 July 1980. That album is Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. 

My track of the week is Burn it Down.

It’s not my favourite track from the album but I choose it for the sheer memories it brings back. It was the first song that I ever played, ever heard, on my first ever album. And not to get all Proustian, but that is quite a powerful thing. And the crackly intro made me wonder was there something wrong with my copy of the album. ( A sensation I had today when playing it and I thought will some people think there is something wrong with the radio) And when the crackly stops on 50 seconds and Kevin Rowland and the guys shout Hey Jimmy… for Gods sake burn it down and the track proper begins with the stomping northern soul beat and the list of Irish literary legends – who I had to learn about – I was hooked on music and, the still costly, acquisition of music. 

And finally, looking back thirty seven years on, I have to fully respect my choice of music as an eleven year old. 




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