Again, another week when I found it very difficult to choose just one track. This week’s show I did solo and I decided to do a selection of all of my favourite Irish tracks from the 1980s. Hence my difficulty… 

The two I hummed and hawed most about were the Swinging Swine – Them Ghosts do Come 

And Whipping Boy We don’t need nobody else.

In the end I chose Whipping Boy. We don’t need nobody else for me is the greatest Irish rock song ever recorded. This 1995 track stops me in my tracks every time I hear it – even after 22 years. I love the sheer wall of sounds created by Paul Page’s guitar. Colm Hasset sounds like he’s going to smash the drums with every beat. And Fearghal McKee, the most exciting and unpredictable singer and performer at the best of times is completely lost in the track. I still get a shiver down my spine every time I hear the line ‘yeah, and you thought you knew me’ 

The version of the song I’ve chosen is a live performance on French TV…

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