Shush! Sounds from UCC Library 26 June 2017

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We are delighted to say that our Library Spotlight this week was a live on air interview with Ka Ming Pang  of @uklibchat This was our first live on air interview (we normally pre-record in the library and broadcast) . We’re very pleased with how it went and were very happy to show Ka Ming and her Ukilbchat colleagues Annie Gleeson, Gaby Koenig and Siobhan McGuiness along to the UCC 98.3 FM studios. You can listen to the interview here. (We particularly love the picture that Martin took using Ka Ming’s cool retro instamatic camera – it makes them look like a rather cool shoegaze band… (Lush spring to mind) 


Ronan’s track of the week is the Beach Boys – Busy doin’ nothing. Click here to see why. Martin’s track of the week is the Dead Kennedy’s Moon Over Marin. You can read why on this short post he wrote on the track.

Our recommended read of the week is an article – The Great Book of Ireland: Lebhar Mor Na hEireann by Cronan O’Doibhlin ,our head of Research Collections and Communications. The article was originally published in Art Libraries Journal  and can be accessed full text via CORA, UCC’s Repository by clicking here




My track of this week is a Dead Kennedys track, my favourite track of theirs. It’s probably not one of their best known tracks but I choose Moon over Marin. Though you can still feel the bile spitting through Jello Biafra’s lyrics and through East Bay Ray’s guitar playing there is a control and a subtlety to this track that I really really like. 

The track is the closing chapter of the 1982 Plastic Surgery Disaster and is a scathing attack on the yuppification of Marin County, San Francisco – one of the wealthiest locales in the US. With that , I give over to the track itself

Ronan’s Track of the Week (26 June 2017)

My Track of the Week, from the Beach Boys’ 1968 album ‘Friends’, is a Brian Wilson song – Busy Doin’ Nothin’. Much of it recorded at his home studio in Bel-Air, the lyrics include genuine directions to his house, as well as a rundown of the various things he did, or did not do, on a typically ‘busy’ day (something that seems easy to relate to somehow).  At the time of their 14th studio album he was assuming a less prominent role within the Beach boys, while other band members, like his brother Dennis, were coming more to the fore (with his support). That trend was set to continue of course, and while his musical output may have been declining somewhat at that time, for me this track stands out as 3 minutes and 4 seconds of genius.