Martin’s track of the week 22 May 2017

My track of the week for May 22 2017 is the oddity that is Charlton Heston by Stump. Stump, led by the much missed  Cork legend Mick Lynch (Mick passed away December 2016) were one of the odder bands to have had an album –  A Fierce Pancake – released on a major label. They are heroes in Cork obviously.

Charlton Heston, an 1988 single, channelling the spirit of Captain Beefheart and the backing track of a troupe of frogs,  somehow climbed to the stately position of 72 in the UK charts. It was very far out there in 1988. Today, even more so possibly.

For those who want to know more on the Stump story – check out the post Mick Lynch by Colm O’Callaghan and / or the UCC 98.3 FM radio documentary Lights, Camera Action: The Story of Stump by Paul McDermott

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