The Podcast for today’s show (22 May ) can be found on Soundcloud – just click, listen and enjoy

The Spotify playlist can be listened to by clicking here


Ronan’s track of the week is Television’s Elevation – check out why here. Martin’s track of the week is Stump’s Charlton Heston – he tells us why here.

Our library spotlight  week looked at IReL  IReL ,t he Irish Research eLibrary, is a nationally funded electronic research library, initially conceived to support researchers in Biotechnology and Information Technology in mid-summer 2004, and following on the success of this, expanded in 2006 to support research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our recommended read of the week is a touching piece from Colm O’Callaghan, written in the wake of the Manchester Arena tragedy, that looks at the power of pop music. The piece – Manchester Arena, 22nd May, 2017 is a must read..


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