Martin’s Track of the Week (3 April 2017)

My track of the week for the 3 April is the absolutely brilliant Henry McCullough by BP Fallon &  David Holmes. Why? On first hearing I was simply blown away by the story, (a great story about the only Irish performer, reputedly, to have played Woodstock, a performer who played with Hendrix, Wings, Joe Cocker, amongst others. This was a story I had never heard before). The story transfixed me. But if it was just the story that would be fine enough. But then you have the most wonderful music by David Holmes. Music so reminiscent of Primal Scream’s Come Together that melds perfectly with the truly heartfelt, heartbroken?, vocals of BP Fallon.  These vocals feature a friend in pain and  true heart and friendship shines through in some of the most heartfelt vocal and lyrics I have heard.  The vocal from BP is a joy to listen to again and again.. A sheer classic. (And a shout out to Andy Tattersall for introducing me to one of the best tracks of 2017.)

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