Ronan’s Track of the Week (24 April 2017)

On last week’s show I played a track by Kenny Rankin: ‘In the name of love’ from his 1974 album ‘Silver morning’, and a great recording it is too. As it happens, it wasn’t the track I’d originally planned to play. The recording I had in mind was a less acoustic version from the 1960s. I mentioned on the show that I’d difficulty locating that one, or indeed finding much information about it at all. It is available on Youtube, with an image of the original 1966 Colombia vinyl 45rpm:

and it’s available to buy on Discogs, with some more information there about the recording, including mention of the B-side, a track called ‘Haven’t we met’. However, aside from that, plus plenty of information on the web about the 1974 release, and a Peggy Lee version, little information seems to exist about the 1966 release, and it’s not available on any of the regular music streaming sites.

The reason for my hankering after the 1966 track in particular is that I had included it on a mix-tape that I took with me when inter-railing 24 years ago! Originally recorded from the radio (on cassette), and copied onto the mix-tape for the trip, it’s somewhat dear to my heart. I can’t quite remember what radio show I recorded it from at the time. The mix-tape had music recorded from other cassettes and from the radio, so a ‘Playlist’ of sorts, something that’s generally a lot easier to compile now. A few years ago I transferred the cassette to CD, and last weekend decided to Shazam the lot (so will be playing some of them on the show over the coming weeks).  When it came to the Rankin track however I got the ‘We didn’t quite catch that’ result.

Eventually I found some good information on a site called Waxidermy. It seems the 1966 recording may have been released as a ‘radio-promo’. I suppose all of this goes to show that it’s still necessary sometimes to solve a mystery or two – it’s not all there on Spotify for example. Either way, whatever version you prefer, ‘In the name of love’ is a great song, and my track of the week.

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