I should have found it difficult to choose my track of the week this week. I chose, what for me, was a very strong selection of tracks. Any of the seven tracks I chose would have been single of a week another week.

But in the end it was very very easy and the track I had to choose was the Nick Cave & Bad Seeds beautiful 1990 epic ‘The Weeping Song’. The track can be found on what for me is one of his finest albums The Good Son. From the very opening chimes of Mick Harvey’s vibraphone to closing hand clap it is four minutes twenty five seconds of of emotion and ache. And I haven’t yet mentioned the duelling vocals of Nick himself and Blixa Bargeld the founding member of the avant garde, heavily influential, German band Einsturzende Neubauten. Perfect harmony.

Now, over to Nick and Blixa 




Now this is a first for the blog – my track of the week this week is actually one of Ronan’s selections. (And also his Track of the Week  this week)

The track is a wonderful cover by Nancy Wilson of the Bobbie Gentry classic Ode to Billy Joe. Though its status is country classic it was never a track I never actually warmed to. That’s why I was so blown away when I heard this version by Nancy Wilson. It completely upended my thoughts on the track. I must have listened to it ten / fifteen times in a row when I was going through our setlist for this week. It was like the days when I’d buy a single and play it for two three hours.

For me everything about this track makes it a perfect jazz track – a genre of music I’m not that knowledgeable about – but Nancy’s vocals, the instrumentation, all so smooth, lazy, effortless and that word often used in relation to jazz – Cool.

Sheer Perfection.

Ronan’s Track of the Week (02 October 2017)

Track of the week, from Monday’s show, has to be Nancy Wilson’s version of ‘Ode to Billie Joe’. Written by Bobbie Gentry, and released by her as a single in the summer of 1967 on Capitol Records,  it reached Number 1 in the U.S. charts, and remained there for 4 weeks, having taken over top spot from the Beatles with ‘All You Need is Love’. It was originally intended as a B-side to a song called ‘Mississippi Delta’.

Much as I love the original, the Nancy Wilson cover is a version I’ve been fond of for a long time. Essentially the original is a country song, but the Wilson version, arranged by Oliver Nelson, is naturally a bit more ‘jazzy’, and I think it works spectacularly well in this case. The track was recorded for the album ‘Welcome to My Love’, recorded and released in late 1967, also on Capitol Records as it happens.

Now, pass the biscuits please!