Today was a solo show by Martin as Ronan was off for the week. To check out the solo flight you can listen to the full show in its entirety here…

We spoke to James Horton, curator of the Claude Pélieu: On all Frequencies exhibition, currently running in Boole Library. That interview can be listened to here.

If you want to listen to the show, without the interruption of Martin between the songs then here is the full playlist sans comment…

Martin’s Track of the Week is the haunting, beautiful Riverside by Agnes Obel. Click here to read a short post why…

Our recommended read of the week comes from the Science Museum blog and looks at what science says about how music can affect our moods

And finally, our UCC Library resource of the week is this Libguide on Academic Intregity – looking at things like Copyright, Ethics, Fake News, Plagiarism, Data Protection and Referencing. This is an excellent guide by our colleague Liaison Librarian for Business and Law, Virginia Conrick



MARTIN’S TRACK OF THE WEEK (09 JULY 2018) Riverside by Agnes Obel

My track of the week this is a sort of different one for me. First off it’s not a noisy punk track, or  forgotten eighties track. It is a particularly haunting, beautiful piano led track by Denmark’s Agnes Obel. The track is Riverside. It’s taken from her debut album Philarmonics (2010). Riverside strongly shows her classical piano background and the influence of Bartok and Chopin amongst others. Later in her life she was influenced by the work of Jan Johansson. This track with it’s overdubbed  vocals and simple repetitive piano makes for a haunting listen. Listen here.


The podcast of today’s show can be listened back here in its entirety


Our playlist via Spotify can be listened to here


Martin’s track(s) of this week comes from Teardrop Explodes. Click here to see why.

Our recommended read of the week is a wonderful tribute from Colm Callaghan to his mother available on The Blackpool Sentinel. This lovely post lovingly paints a lovely picture of his mother and the influence she had on his musical, and the rest of his, life. It touches on Microdisney as it tells the story.

Our recommended UCC Library resource of the week are our Libguides. Subject Guides for every subject. These are freely accessible to all.