Today’s show was another themed show. This time we looked at the 80s… and chose some of our faves… 


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Our library spotlight this week looked at how UCC staff and students can access other libraries. More information on this can be found through our accessing other libraries libguide. 

Ronan was away again this week so only one track of the week for you. This week Martin chose Container Love from Philip Boa and the Voodooclub. If you want to see why check out his short post on the track here

Our recommended read of the week – well there can only be one this week. The Fanning Sessions archive wrote up a short post about our Irish show of the 03.07.17. Dead proud we are. Check out what they had to say here


Ronan was away again this week so I had full control of the setlist and decided to do an eighties week. This created two problems – first, it was nigh on impossible to limit the list to fourteen tracks. Contrary to what the popular consensus is – the eighties produced so much great music. Once you went beyond the charts. And the second problem – choosing a list of my favourite songs from the eighties made it difficult to choose one track. 

In the end I opted  for Container Love by one of my favourite 80s bands Philip Boa and the Voodooclub, who burst forth from Germany onto the alternative rock scene in the mid 80s. They were playing the new wave, pop avant garden field and soon became darlings of the English music press trio of Melody Maker, NME and Sounds for a while. But they never made it as big as they should have. If they British or American I think they would have. 

Container Love is very representative of their quirky style. Bizarres quirky lyrics, Philip Boa and Pia Lund clashing voices  melding together perfectly, music styles borrowed from all over the place, beginning with classical, then into pop and new wave. Objectively It’s a bizarre mix, but subjectively it makes perfect sense and works beautifully.

And the video is a perfect eighties video – expressionist, dark and fun. See what you think.



Today’s show was a themed show, the theme being Irish Rock. Most of the tracks were from the 1980s or early 1990s. 

The Podcast of today’s shows can be found on Soundcloud. Just click, listen and enjoy… 


The playlist can be found at Spotify.

Five of the tracks were not available on Spotify and these tracks were kindly provided by  Fanning Sessions... a key resource for anybody interested in Irish Rock of the 80s and 90s.

These tracks were:

Our Library Spotlight of the week was UCC Library Music Resources. If you want to follow up on these check out our Subject Guide on Music

Ronan was away this week so we only have one track of the week. Martin’s track of the week is the Whipping Boy We Don’t need nobody else. Read this separate post to see why.

And our recommended read of the week is the most recent post from Colm O’Callaghan for the Blackpool Sentinel U2 and the Arc – a post looking at U2 in their very early days and their many visits to play the Arcadia in Cork. These visits to Cork are the subject of an upcoming RTE documentary.